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5 Hazards Of Using Duplicate Parts On Motorcycles


Fake or duplicate products never provide any advantage. Since duplicate products are comparatively cheaper than the original products, many buyers tend to go for duplicate products without even double-checking their authoritativeness. As a result, fake products do not work as efficiently as genuine products.

Buying duplicate or fake motorbike parts most of the time turns into danger while riding. Before you choose to buy fake motorbike parts at a cheaper rate, listen to the experts of the best wholesale motorcycle parts supplier in the Philippines. In this particular blog, we would tell you about 5 hazards of using duplicate parts in your motorcycle.

1. A fear of danger

The biggest hazard of using cheap, low-quality, and duplicate parts in the motorcycle is the fear of severe danger. Let’s take an instance. If someone uses a duplicate brake on a motorcycle, there is no surety of working the fake brake at a proper time whenever it is needed. Eventually, a serious accident will take place on the road.

2. Low-quality

Each and every fake product in this world is bound to be cheaper in price. So are the duplicate motorbike parts. The manufacturers of such duplicate parts always compromise with the quality just to justify its price rate in the market. Hence, it is very much obvious that duplicate parts are low-quality and do not work efficiently as they should. However, automatically, the performance of the motorcycle becomes poor with such fake or duplicate motorcycle parts.

3. A Risk To Other Vehicles On The Road

Fake parts in a motorcycle are not only harmful to the rider but also to other vehicles on a road. If a duplicate motorcycle part does not work on time on the road, it puts the others at high risk. Any time an accident can occur and other vehicles along with the riders can get into trouble.

4. Bad Economy:

People basically prefer duplicate parts for their motorcycles because duplicates are cheaper than genuine ones. After purchasing such duplicate parts, the buyers think that they have saved a lot of money. But here is the biggest misconception they possess in their minds. Yes, it is true that initially, it seems to be a lot of savings. But, with the flow of time, these duplicate parts would need frequent repairing since these parts never work as flawlessly as the original parts. This is how a lot of money would be invested in the purpose of maintenance, and the ultimate profit becomes nothing but zero.

5. Faster Decadence Of The Motorcycle:

Using duplicate parts promotes the faster depreciation of a motorcycle. It is very natural that a duplicate part always does wrong to a vehicle. It causes additional damage to the motorcycle.

Being the most recommended and highly reviewed distributor of motorcycle parts in the Philippines, CSL always encourages buyers to purchase authentic parts for the motorcycles in order to avoid numerous hazards. Visit us to purchase genuine and best-quality motorcycle parts in the Philippines at a reasonable price.

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