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Best-Selling Motorbike Parts You Must Know If You Own One

Best-Selling Motorbike Parts You Must Know If You Own One

Possessing a motorbike is very much obvious nowadays. Besides owning a motorcycle, a biker should know the parts of it. CSL, the commencing supplier of motorcycle parts in the Philippines would tell you about some top-selling motorbike parts in order to make your concept clear about motorcycle components.

What are some top-selling motorcycle parts everyone needs to know?

Motorbike batteries:

A motorbike battery plays the role of the powerhouse of a motorbike. The battery provides the main power to keep the bike abuzz. Motorbike batteries are produced in various shapes, types, and sizes. Purchase appropriate batteries from CSL, the most trusted and highest reviewed motorcycle parts supplier in the Philippines according to the model and requirements of your motorcycle.

Air filters:

Your motorcycle’s engine needs a proper mixture of fresh air and fuel in order to perform at its peak. A good air filter is a much exigent for all the motorbikes out there. The air filter also prevents the engine from dirt and other unwanted particles too.

Oil filters:

A high-quality oil filter makes the entire ride smooth and obstacle-free as it handles various types of oils and does a great job of oil filtration.

Spark plugs:

This “small packet, big bang” part of a motorcycle is obligatory for a motorcycle to move. As the name of the product suggests, it emits an electric spark and makes the motorcycle active immediately.

Side mirrors:

Along with delivering a great look to the motorcycle, the side mirrors play a major role in the safety purpose of the biker. These side mirrors or looking-glasses help to see what is behind the motorcycle when it is running in force and helps to avoid disastrous road accidents by its immediate refection.

Brake pads:

The brake pads are one of the most essential motorcycle parts that need the special attention of a biker. The brake pads help to stop a motorbike when it is required. Without a brake pad, a motorbike cannot stop running. Hence, checking brake pads before every ride is a must.


Motorcycle foot-rests are used to keep balance while riding the bike. These foot-rests are designed in eye-catching manners to increase the overall look of the motorcycle.

Having enough knowledge of the motorcycle parts makes someone a pro biker. In order to explore more, visit us at CSL. Our experts would guide you about our products and which of them best suits your motorcycle.

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