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Why Is It Necessary To Purchase Genuine Motorcycle Parts?

Why Is It Necessary To Purchase Genuine Motorcycle Parts

The worries to replace or buy a new part or accessory for a motorcycle by an owner is very much valid. Using genuine new parts and accessories for your vehicle is important when you consider the serious safety risks associated with the use of second-hand or unbranded spare parts. A motorcycle parts supplier in the Philippines should be concerned about the safety implications for all the motorists and make sure that they provide genuine parts to the Filipino rider.

CSL provides wholesale motorcycle accessories in the Philippines and provides such genuine parts that are made or selected after rigorous testing to ensure that the spare part is of high quality and meets all the safety and performance standards. Therefore, there would be no compromise how your motorcycle was intended to drive, function, and protect you.

Suppose you are thinking of buying new riding gears, helmet lock, motorcycle tank bag, or any other accessories for your motorcycle. If your motorcycle needs replacement parts following a collision or a defect is spotted in any particular part during servicing, then it is imperative to fit in a genuine part.

If a motorcycle accessories wholesale supplier is not trustworthy, they can provide you with a non-genuine spare part that might look like the real one but is not approved by the maker of your motorcycle. Such parts do not promise the same quality and safety attributes as they have not been tested as an integral component of your motorcycle.

How to decipher if a part is fake or not?

Be it anything; the market is flooded with fake counterparts. Whether it is apparels, technology, or fake spare parts and accessories in the automotive industry, you will be able to get the fake counterparts of everything. Though there a lot of strict actions that are being taken against the manufacturers of these counterfeit parts, yet there are some who escape these restrictions and release these fake products in the market. However, in order to understand whether a spare part or accessory is fake or not, you need to check the following things:

1) Serial Number and Hologram:

If a spare part or accessory is genuine then that would come along with a serial number that can be used to track and check if it is original or not. Also, before buying a spare part make sure that you check the hologram of the manufacturer as that cannot be duplicated.

2) RFID Tags:

The makers can verify if the customers are getting genuine parts or not by tracing the Tag ID provided along with the spare parts.

3) Bar Code:

Every spare part comes along with a QR Code or bar code that can be scanned on a smartphone to ensure that the product is genuine and the manufacturers can also keep a track of the product through the QR Code.

In case, if you come across a fake spare part then you can lodge a complaint in the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Department of the Company and they would seize these fake parts.

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