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Why Do You Need To Change The Handlebar Grip Of Your Motorcycle?

Why Do You Need To Change The Handlebar Grip Of Your Motorcycle

Any Filipino rider or motorcycle parts supplier in the Philippines who possesses some knowledge about various parts of a motorcycle can never deny the importance that the grip of a handlebar plays in avoiding accidents. In order to maintain balance and steering, a handlebar grip is very imperative as it provides the riders with better stability and control. This fundamental aspect makes the riders in the Philippines keep an eye on the grip of their handlebar.

However, it is essential to keep on changing or cleaning the grip because an old or rugged grips can affect your way of riding the motorcycle without even realising it. This is not only uncomfortable but highly dangerous. The most common signal to replace the existing handlebar grip would be the slipping of the grip or experiencing hand cramps while riding the motorcycle.

Following are the reasons why you should be changing the handlebar grip of your motorcycle:

1) Comfort:

Most of the grips on the handlebar provide you with an anti-vibration feature and this reduces the numbness and fatigue on your wrist or hands. Therefore a comfortability factor comes into play once the grip is changed because once the grip gets old, the anti-vibration feature also starts to wear out. However, if you do not want to change the grips anytime soon but still want to improve the steering region of your bike, then you can add bar ends. The bar ends are motorcycle accessories in the Philippines that regulate the vibrations that come from the engine and protect the grips at the same time.

2) Control:

The grip of the handlebar helps you to reduce the friction and prevents your hands from slipping. However, once the grip starts getting old you will be able to understand when your hand would start to slip. Also, changing the grips at regular intervals would give your motorcycle some style points as they come in a variety of colours and designs.

3) Wearing of paint:

It is a common practice for Filipino riders to keep their motorcycle in open areas. The rays of the sun can cause the paint on the grip to fade away and this can be a major reason behind the changing of your handlebar grips.

Tips to keep in mind while replacing your grips!

In case of a stubborn grip that cannot be moved by twisting or pulling, you can use a flat-head screwdriver and slide it in between the grip and the bar.
 If still, that does not work, take a can of WD-40 and extend its straw alongside the screwdriver as much as you can. Spray a small amount at the far end of the grip, take the straw out slightly, and spray it again.
 The lubricant would help you to separate the gip from the bar. Spray a small amount of the WD-40 on the bare handlebar and slide on the new grip.

Of all the reasons provided above, before changing your handlebar grips you should get in touch with a motorcycle parts supplier in the Philippines to check if your grips need to be replaced. If there is a need then look at the varieties that they are offering and then decide on one.

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