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On The Go, Motorcycle Accessories That Are A Must-Have For Every Rider!

On The Go, Motorcycle Accessories That Are A Must-Have For Every Rider!

Motorcycles and bikes are nowadays the fascinations of the younger generation. Also not to forget the large chunk of office goers who prefer motorcycles as a medium of transportation to reach their office because during hours of rush and traffic jam a motorcycle can get through small spaces and make their way to their destination quickly whereas huge cars keep on waiting for the previous ones to move aside. However, just buying a motorcycle is not the end to it. To ensure efficient working of the motorcycle, a biker must possess some of the accessories that would help the biker in the long run. Also, these accessories would ensure the biker, a smooth ride.

Motorcycle tank bag:

Carrying a bag on the shoulders all the time could be troublesome for the rider. The best solution to this problem would be to fix a tank bag on the vehicle. It is quite easy to install it on the tank of a motorcycle. A tank bag helps the rider in carrying their mobile phone, important documents, and other essential items safely and conveniently, and that too without any hassle. It is a useful accessory that would act as a room to store personal items so that they can be carried easily on the go and it is quite handy at the same time.

Riding gear:

A riding gear consists of a motorcycle helmet, riding gloves, motorcycle jackets, bike riding pants, and motorcycle boots. These parts protect the bikers from injury in case if they meet with an accident as well as from the deflecting sun. The jackets, boots, and pants have armors at key impact areas, which reduces the chances of a meeting with a fatal injury in case of a crash. There are knuckle protectors in a riding glove, also there is an elbow guard, knee guard, and back protectors in these accessories that ensure the safety of the biker in case if they fall.

Chain lube:

In India, most of the mechanics lube the chain of a bike with burned engine oil. However, that is not the correct practice. For the Philippines, CSL has come up with a chain lube that would improve the ride quality of the motorcycle. This would also increase the longevity of the chain sprockets. The chain lube would ensure diminished chain commotion and include assurance from ecological conditions.

Helmet lock:

Having to carry a helmet everywhere is burdensome. Locking the helmet on the motorcycle itself could probably help the biker in avoiding this hassle. Henceforth a helmet lock could act as a solution to this problem.

Disc brake lock:

When a person possesses a motorcycle, he is always on the lookout for if the bike is stolen or if that would be a safe place to keep the motorcycle. A disc brake lock comes up as a solution to this problem as they are portable devices that can be attached to the motorcycle to prevent it from getting stolen as it ensures immobility in any direction.

Therefore, a motorcycle tank bag, riding gear, chain lube, helmet lock, disc brake lock are the motorcycle accessories that would make the ride easier for every Filipino rider.

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