Five Spare Parts That Are A Must-Have For Every Motorcycle User

Five Spare parts that are a must-have for every Motorcycle user

The sale of motorcycles has supposedly increased a lot after the outbreak of the pandemic because people are now more into avoiding crowds in public transports. Motorcycles are on the other hand a more viable form of transport than the four-wheelers. Motorcycles are cheaper in comparison to four-wheelers and also can get along in small spaces during rush hours to avoid the traffic. However, a motorcycle or a bike cannot function properly without adequate spare parts.

Headlight bulb:

As soon as the sun sets in the evening, every vehicle has to turn on its headlight. The older the bike, the more weak the headlights turn out to be. Therefore it is very much important for a person to possess a spare headlight bulb. There are three basic types of headlight bulbs available- halogen, HID or Xenon and LED. Each of these provides light in its own ways.

Multi-function screwdriver and pliers:

A screwdriver would not only help in tightening and loosening screws hidden inside moulds but they help remove punctured tubes from the tyres as well and in times of emergency, it can be used as a kind of clutch/accelerator lever. A plier on the other hand would be helpful in case of wiring repairs.

Clutch cable:

A motorcycle’s clutch cable is designed in such a way that it wears out after a few days of usage. Inside every bike’s clutching system, there are a series of plates that keeps on getting thinner once they are clutched and declutched. If the owner does not keep a check on the clutch cables, the bike might slip. Therefore having a clutch cable as a spare part is a must for every biker. A wrench is probably enough to adjust a motorcycle’s clutch cable.


A biker’s toolkit is incomplete without a spanner. Spanners are of great help to remove or fit in bolts and nuts that are hexagonal in shape to their lever points. Bikers mostly use two common types of spanners- Open ended and ring and each of these wrenches serve a different purpose.


Bikes consist of a small battery that helps in energy to help in the smooth running of the vehicle all the time. Usually, a 12-volt battery consisting of sulphuric acids is used in bikes. However, the battery of a bike may die out at any time and therefore it is always to keep a backup battery.

Therefore a headlight bulb, multi-function screw driver and plier, clutch cable, spanners and batteries are the must-have spare parts that every motorcycle rider should have in his possession.

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