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8 Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Every Filipino man’s Dream On Two Wheels

8 reasons why motorcycles are every Filipino man's dream on two wheels

“If you want to be happy for a day, drink.
If you want to be happy for a year, marry.
If you want to be happy for a lifetime, ride a motorcycle.”-

No matter how old a man gets, he is always thrilled and young enough to ride a motorcycle! Motorcycles make anyone feel young, wild, and free. You might not believe but motorcycles are still an important part of daily commute in Philippines. Here are 8 best reasons why motorcycles are every Filipino man’s dream on two wheels.

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If motorbikes aren’t cost-effective then what is cost-effective? There’s a  reason why motorbikes are considered economical and hence is a perfect choice for people who can’t afford cars but have to commute frequently. You need to spend less pesos to buy a motorcycle when compared with buying a car. Also, by riding a motorcycle, you save on fuel, so, yes, motorcycles are indeed a money-saver.


When you ride a motorbike, you not only make yourself happy but you also bring a smile on mother nature’s face. How? Well, blame your motorcycle! Motorcycles consume less fuel than cars and hence are considered the most eco-friendly vehicle after bicycles.


Ask a car owner how high-maintenance is the basic maintenance with the cars. Even the smallest car needs high-maintenance which of course, shells out more money than you ever anticipated. But motorcycle owners are lucky as they can easily ride a motorcycle without worrying much about its maintenance.

Best for nature lovers

Do you love nature and the feeling of fresh air on your face? If the answer is yes (which we know it already is) then motorcycles are the one for you. Unlike cars, motorcycles make you stay more connected with the fresh breeze.

Can be parked anywhere with ease

Only a car owner can relate how difficult it is to find the right spot for parking the car. Most garages do not have enough parking space and that’s a concern too. But why are you worrying so much if you have a motorcycle? 😉

Godsend during traffic jams

Traffic jams can even make the calmest person lose their mind. But when you own a motorbike then you can switch lanes whenever you want and traffic jams cause you almost no worries.

Boosts confidence and morale

Talk about motorcycles and the way they transform one’s personality! When you ride a motorcycle, you feel more confident than ever.

Super cool and impressive

If there’s one vehicle that’s super cool and attractive, it’s none other than motorbikes. Motorcycles are still considered cool and trendy than any other vehicle. Also, they are more visually appealing to romantic partners so do give motorbikes a try.

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